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    AZBOX Newbie with ME receiver

    The simplest way is to use DogSettings to create the settings file and transfer it to azbox me using Aztrino in the settings.
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    Azbox Power Supply

    Help! Power supply needed for my Azbox Me. I sent my faulty Azbox Me to the suppier(HD Satshop e.i in Cologne, Germany) for repairs. After two months and several promises, the machine was returned without the power supply. Having waited patiently with promises that it had been posted, but never...
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    The court has decided on the famous case between DreamBox and the European distributor of Vu

    Enigma and Enigma2 are not copyright property of Dream Property GmbH as lots of contributors in this forum had argued and therefore there use of these software are perfectly legal. Please read on: Satco Europe GmbH wins against Dream Property GmbH This is the Higher Regional Court of...
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    AZBOX AzTrino 1.6 - North American edition for AzBox ME

    These are file formats for plugins which give enhanced possibilities for linux based STB examples ( Extended EPG, live score for football matches, live feeds, web radio official cams etc.)
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    AZBOX AzTrino 1.6 - North American edition for AzBox ME

    A very good effort. I have just read the USALS manual and this is what was clearly missing in the official version. I called Opensat's attention to it but I had no reply. Hopefully we would be enjoying our machine fully. Incidentally, I was able to use dreambox utilities to install some plugins...
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    New easy way to upgrade Azbox Elite / Ultra / HD / HD+ from Official Firmware to OpenRSI

    There are several people how have installed it and are full of praises. Please check on the Openrsi site for their comments. I have not done it because I want to preserve my Premium with original FW since my other three STB run enigma2
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    Openrsi installaion video source

    New easy way to upgrade Azbox Elite / Ultra / HD / HD+ from Official Firmware to OpenRSI - OpenRsi - English -
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    New easy way to upgrade Azbox Elite / Ultra / HD / HD+ from Official Firmware to OpenRSI

    Hello OpenRSI fans, OpenRSI has done it again, they found an easy way for the people running Official Firmware on Azbox Elite / Ultra / HD / HD+ Please watch the movie: Upgrading has never been so easy. NOTE: This procedure is based on an installation on the DOM module and NOT on a USB...
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    Azbox HD new kernel available

    Dear OpenRSI users, Today a new kernel for all azbox HD models is available. This kernel has hotplug support added, and will this brings better support for usb/hdd detection and tuner firmware loading without a work around. Make sure before flashing the new kernel you do a software update...
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    AZBox Me RTI Enigma 2 Version 1. 8 Setup

    Yes. Is a software problem. Incidentally I have VU+Duo whose original software did not have the positioner plugin so I had to drive the the motor with my Premium using its USALS untils I dicovered USALS was simpler and quicker because I did not have to "tune"
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    AZBox Me RTI Enigma 2 Version 1. 8 Setup

    PS. You dont need to touch the positioner screen unless there is a problem. The positioning is done automatically some enigma2 images dont have it. Indeed is not mentioned in the manual and I have not touched it since I installed it because it creates pronlems. I have installed Spaze, RTI and...
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    Spaze Millenium 1.1 AZbox ME

    True I noticed that too after posting. I supposed it will be done sooner or later because Spaze uses RTI image
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    AZBox Me RTI Enigma 2 Version 1. 8 Setup

    Yes, Thats what I am using now. Normally you dont touch the tune screen since it has been preset on the wizard for whatever satelite you choose so automatically all chosen satilites can be scanned You only have to set the coordiantes and start manual scanning. Then change satellites and go to...
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    AZBox Me RTI Enigma 2 Version 1. 8 Setup

    Use USALS in the Wizard setup but you have to set up the tuner by enabling the American set up. You can use 30W as reference sat. You dont need to see the signal strength because the set up is done automatically once you enter your co-ordinates. Once that has been done you can scan all the other...
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    Spaze Millenium 1.1 AZbox ME

    Posted 15 March 2012 - 17:22 Spaze Millenium 1.1 AZbox ME Changelog: - Last kernel 2.6.22. - Last Drivers. - Added BlindScan - Wifi fix. - Updated spzDownloads. - Added plugin Cronmanager. - Added new timesleep. - Added fix on recordings with AZbox not premium+. - Added plugin...
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    New open source image for all models of Azbox

    No because is identical to Enigam2 except for the fact that is more stable and there are nightly builds. Therefore corrections partly based on users bug tracking are update online. This way, bugs are corrected quicker.
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    New open source image for all models of Azbox

    This software is almost the same as Enigma2 except the name but is open source. The procedure is almost the same as installing Enigma on your Original Azbox firmware. Detailed tutorials are on thier website. I installed it on Azbox Me so I used the web interface (Wifi) but you can use USB key...
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    Blind scan finds transponders but shows 0 channels

    Efectively, there is an open source project (Open Pli) at the moment. I have tried thier first image and find it very good. Lots of people have expressed similar opinions. The good thing is that they have nightly builds with correct bugs as they are reported. OpenRSi - OpenPLI for AZBox...
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    New open source image for all models of Azbox

    Here is a new open source software which seems to be quite stable. I have just installed and it seems to work fine and according to tests by others it seems to be the best so far and is very fast. OpenRSi - OpenPLI for AZBox
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    AzBox Premium+ observations after 6 months

    I agree with Radar that Opensat has quality issues. My knowledge of these technical issues are dated because years ago when I moved to Europe most of my equipment though converted had problems. I bought Azbox Me in December and to my surprise, I found no user manual even though Neutrino image is...
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    AZBox Stab HH120 Problem

    I have Azbox Premium for the last three years and used the Stab HH 120 with it for 2 yeats before it parked as a result of a aviolent storm. I have had it for 12 years! I use Usals and found it excellent. It always worked correctly. Prior to that I was using DisEQC which gave problems you...
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    AzBox Premium+ observations after 6 months

    I find Wbarret's posting very interesting and informative. I agree with him that the power supply was made for Europe because it has never been an issue on European forums. I have had my Abox Premmium for almost three years but have never had as problem with the power supply or any hardware...
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    Telstar 12 @ 15°W

    I am at 2.2E 49W (Paris, France) I am able to receive about110 stations on 12.5W mostly European but also American SQ 75%. I am using Azbox HD Premium, Vu+Duo, Azbox me, XeoBox 1050 HD tuners, Triax 1.1m dish, Tm 2600 motor and TM quad LNB 0.1 db. I hope this is useful.
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    AzBox Me RTi Core v1.8.0 - 02.03. - Enhanced Blindscan function

    AzBox Me RTi Core v1.8.0 - 02.03. Me RTi Core v1.8.0 Enigma 2 of 28.02.2012 Kernel of Sat Feb 4 04:14:54 CET 2012 mips Drivers of 13.02.2012 What is new in Me RTi Core v1.8.0: - Few additions to core driver smp865x.ko -...