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  1. tcreek

    More Painful Cancelling Dish Network than Going to a Dentist.

    Not going to worry about it unless the boxes actually shows up at my billing address. Then there will be a lot more wasted time on phone calls.
  2. tcreek

    More Painful Cancelling Dish Network than Going to a Dentist.

    It wasn't just the wasted time, but the attitude of CSR. Is was like how dare you cancel service after 21 years. Maybe I should have told him I had less than a month to live and was cleaning things up before it was too late.
  3. tcreek

    More Painful Cancelling Dish Network than Going to a Dentist.

    Sounds a lot like my call. Wonder if the rep works for both companies?
  4. tcreek

    More Painful Cancelling Dish Network than Going to a Dentist.

    Don't plan on ever going back to Dish after that.
  5. tcreek

    More Painful Cancelling Dish Network than Going to a Dentist.

    He acknowledged that I owned the equipment. Still not sending it back. As I move every month or so, they will have to find it.
  6. tcreek

    More Painful Cancelling Dish Network than Going to a Dentist.

    Call Dish on the 1st to cancel and what an experience. I'm retired and live in a 5th wheel. Move every month or so, and just don't spend time watch TV enough to justify the high cost of Dish. What I figured would be a few minute phone call took over 20 minutes. Got some guy in Houston, so at...
  7. tcreek

    Dish for my RV question

    Taxes and additional fees are determined by the zip code your service address is in. We travel full time, and when on the East Coast, the added fees for RSN, which I don't even look at.
  8. tcreek not working?

    Either one.
  9. tcreek not working?

    Rebooted everything (router, mifi, etc) and it is working now.
  10. tcreek not working?

    Cleared Cookies and Cache. Same problem. Maybe because I use ATT MIFI and Dish has cut them off.
  11. tcreek not working?

    This is all I get.
  12. tcreek not working?

    Tried to log into my account, and all I get is blank pages. Did Dish turn off their web site?
  13. tcreek

    New Member - hopper 3 in a motorhome

    First thing I do after getting to a new camping spot is to turn on the Hopper and power supply for the DPH42. Then start the Trav'ler searching for the satellites. By the time I've finished setting up camp, Trav'ler has found the sats and Hopper3 is ready to watch. Guide is usually finished...
  14. tcreek

    Switch from home account to Dish Outdoors

    The last time I talked to Dish about signing up for Dish Outdoors was told only Wally and 211 receivers can be used. Have a Hopper3 and they would not change from home account to Dish Outdoors account. So have to contact the Dish Customer Service every time I change locations with my 5th Wheel...
  15. tcreek

    New Member - hopper 3 in a motorhome

    Can't you change the LNB to an Eastern arc one and have it search for it?
  16. tcreek

    New To RV Dish

    Tried once before to sign up for it, but was told had to have Wally or 211 to use the Outdoor Portal. Tom
  17. tcreek

    Switching from Wally to Hopper 3 Setup with Winegard Tra'vler?

    I use the DPH42 with the stock Trav'ler's DPP LNB. Just power everything off when traveling (in 5th Wheel trailer). You have to have three cables from the Trav'ler to the DPH42. The power supply for the DPH42 is located with my Hopper3, so when the H3 is powered off, so is the DPH42 power injector.
  18. tcreek

    New To RV Dish

    But you have to have a Wally or 211 to have Dish Outdoors. I have Hopper3 and Joey using a Traveler antenna with DPH42. Been using it for a couple years. Last time I tried to get DNS, was told it was not possible without a Wally or 211. I travel full time and don't have a fixed home location.
  19. tcreek

    New To RV Dish

    Last time I checked they would only give DNS with Wally or the 211 receivers. Hoppers were not allowed. Not explanation why.
  20. tcreek

    New To RV Dish

    Do you still have to have a Wally to get Distant Network Stations instead of locals? Traveling Full time, and have a Hopper3. Have to chat with support every time I move to get the service address changed. And can't setup timers in advance as the stations change each time I move. Just very annoying.
  21. tcreek

    DPH42 Ports

    Have a Traveler 1000 and replaced the feed arm. Old one had a slight bend in it. Forgot to mark where each connector was connected on the LNB. Instructions from Winegard says it doesn't matter where each connector is. But since I have a DPH42 and Hopper 3, does it matter to the DPH42 which LNB...
  22. tcreek

    Orbital Tracker Satellite Meter Parameters

    Thanks, but that didn't answer my question.
  23. tcreek

    Orbital Tracker Satellite Meter Parameters

    Having problems detecting the 119, 110, and 129 satellites with an Orbital Tracker Tracker Light OTM 500 V3.0 meter. Have a Dish 1000.2 with DPP Pro LNB. This is the most current parameter list I've been able to find. Are these still valid, or did Dish change anything in the last 4 years?
  24. tcreek

    Equipment advice (RV) requested

    I am full time in a 5th wheel and use the Traveler with a DPH42 and Hopper 3/Joey. All works well (except have weak signal on the 129 sat) Also carry a tripod dish setup, but have not had to use it yet. Also have a Tracker Light Sat meter, but wish I had bought a better one (IE Super Buddy 29)...
  25. tcreek

    Confusion re. Dish system for RV

    Just upgraded form Hopper w/Sling to Hopper 3 in my 5th wheel. We are full time in it. Have the Wingard Traveler, DPH 42, and solo hub. Also have Joey in bedroom. The Traveler is good, as long as there are not trees obstructing the view of the satellites. To use the DPH42, you must have three...