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    Has anyone tried to change programming on the D* website?

    So is the policy still that you can change between premiums as long as you keep the same level of service for 30 days? That was the policy after they implemented the $10 penalty for downgrading before 30 days. So for example if you sign up for 2 premiums, you must keep at least 2 premiums...
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    What exactly did you change? There are reports over at that you can't remove premium packages anymore online. I want to know if its still possible to swap premium packages, i.e. change from HBO to Sports pack.
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    DIRECTV Price Increase 3/1/06???

    At this rate TC is going to be $50 next year. This is ridiculous. Analog cable and a mythbox is looking better and better.
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    DIRECTV Price Increase 3/1/06???

    Is this legit?
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    Did anyone else recently lose Rangers games?

    According to this: You should get the following with TC: FOX Sports Net Southwest (Ch. 643) # Dallas Mavericks # Dallas Stars # FC Dallas # Houston Astros # Texas Rangers Give them a call and see what's going on.
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    D* vs Comcast. Cancellation Fee!

    Do you work for Comcast?
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    NFLST Pay Per Day

    Nope, that's not true. You get to pick 1 of 5 prizes, one of which is a free week of ST. You get a code and go to the above website where you will make your selection.
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    NFLST Pay Per Day

    It looks like you may be able to order it online. They've now added the (order) listing next to all of the games on the online directv Program Guide. This wasn't up a few days ago.
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    NFLST Pay Per Day

    I got one of these today. Is it possible to order this via the web? If so that would answer the OP's question because if you order PPV via the web it mirrors to all recievers.
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    My R10 has a "mind of it's own"...

    He was tying to do neither. There was an episode of King of Queens where one of the characters got a TiVo and it kept recording shows that a gay person might stereotypically watch. That's what he was refering to.
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    XM Skyfi2 with home or car kit $49

    How long is this deal good for?
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    Take this for what its worth...

    Scott, have you heard any further info regarding the FCC's approval of 72.5?
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    Local channels questions

    That's odd that they are using PBSX. Maybe they haven't been able to work out a way to get a good signal to the uplink yet.
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    First Look: Dish Name Based Timers

    I have no idea how dish will implement this, but having it record from multiple channels is one feature I wish tivo would add. It is currently possible via wish lists, but not with regular season passes. There's probably a reason they set it up that way, but they should give the optiont to...
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    First Look: Dish Name Based Timers

    Ha, slow down there. I would that they would have thought about this already. I was just speculating, and wondering.
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    First Look: Dish Name Based Timers

    Well, right now, you pretty much have manually set up timers. It's basically not possible to have a conflict on a timer and you not know about it, because it will tell you when you set it up. The problem w/ this scenario w/ NBR is that there is some implied automation. Things can change...
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    First Look: Dish Name Based Timers

    Just curious, has there been any mention of how NBR will utilize the second tuner in two tuner dvrs? I'm assuming that it i will automatically record to the default tuner, but what if you've got two "season passes" on at the same time. Will it be smart enough to automatically use the second tuner?
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    Directv Phone Line Question

    No, you're completely missing the point here. You are charged $4.99 for each box beyond the first, whether or not you have a phoneline connected. There is no way to have more than one box and not pay a mirroring fee. What you wanted to do was call them and just tell them to turn IPPV off...
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    Take this for what its worth...

    By a lot more locals, hopefully he means the 72.5 markets. Has anyone heard anything else regarding the FCC's approval of this slot?
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    Anyone use an SA Tivo w/ IR Blasters?

    Most likely the tivo time is correct, it uses NTP to sync the clock everytime it dials home.
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    Locals PQ (Johnstown/Altoona)

    HA! OTA in state college is a joke.
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    Anyone use an SA Tivo w/ IR Blasters?

    ...your 322? Also, ever have any trouble with misfires? I'm just curious because I may eventually end up switching to dish. I currently have d* with one of the executive director recievers. It's a great reciever, as it has a serial port, so channel changes are very fast and 100%...
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    Directv Phone Line Question the ability to order ppv via the remote. They will disable the IPPV setting on your account, which will keep the mirroring on your account and *SHOULD* keep any sports subscriptions. The CSR told me there may be a rare blackout on some sporting events, because sometimes they are...
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    Sorry reply for Directv

    What did you ask them about?
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    First Look: Dish Video On Demand

    Yeah, between VOD and "best of dish" you might be able to fit in an hour or two of your own recordings. I'm sure they've got to have some inactivity timer set so it will only record if you aren't using your reciever and if you don't have anything else schedule. I would hope anyways. There's...