1/09/2016 03:15 - Uplink Report - 1 Change (1 Viewer)

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Uplink PC

Uplink Report PC
May 31, 2014
SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Report - 1/09/2016 03:15 - 1 Change

Uplink Comparison Range: 1/09/2016 03:08 - 1/09/2016 03:15 (PST)

Channel Moves:
5437(437) - FOXSE [MPEG4 HD] Ciel-2 129W TP 27 ConUS moved to Ciel-2 129W TP 25 ConUS (FOXSE)(A)(H)

Transponder Changes:
Echostar16 61.5W TP 09 Conus (21.500 8PSK 2/3) added.
EchoStar14 119W TP 17 ConUS (21.500 8PSK 2/3) removed.

Channels in the system: 9802
(A) = Available to subscribers
(NA) = Not Available
(H) = Hidden from non-subscribers
(FP) = Free Preview

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SatelliteGuys Uplink PC Version 1.0.1

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Your Happy Guru
Pub Member / Supporter
Jun 14, 2014
North Central Ohio
F is for the Filter that needs fixing
I is for Iceberg who lets us know
L is for the Long time we've been vexing
T is for the Terrible status quo
E is for Everyone is so tired
R is for the Repetitious posts

F is for Figure out who needs fired
O is for the Oversight that coasts
D is for Dish uplink reports
D is for the Daily dose of boredom
E is for Enough with these sports
R is for Really they can't be more dumb

Put it all together and what does it spell?

(Top that, Iceberg)

Don't make me auto-tune this post and play the Filter Fodder Song every time one of these comes up.

Now stop your squabbling!
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