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Aug 17, 2004
so why not drop down to top 60 on oct 3rd ...pay the 5 dollars
and take the free preview for the month??

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Mar 7, 2004
sA :: Shaggy said:
wat about people like me that have AEP? Were paying 100.77 bucks a month... i would love a break... thats enough to upgrade to the 622... but i guess dish wont do that...

I thought you could now up-grade to the VIP 622 for free? What do you want for DISH to pay you? I only paid $99 including the DISH 1000 and had no problem paying that a few months ago!

Tom Bombadil

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Supporting Founder
May 5, 2005
Chicago-Milwaukee Region
I think the basis for the complaint is that they will be giving a free month of AT180 to AT60 customers. So customers paying $30/month ($360/yr) will be getting $20 of free programming.

However customers who are paying $100/mon ($1200/yr) will be getting nothing.

This is the kind of question that should be raised in the boardroom when they make such decisions. When you offer a promotion, it is usually a good thing not to P.O. your best customers.


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Feb 9, 2004
Is this true? I read it as they were going to be previewing 120 and 180 channels on a sliding schedule... i.e. it would simply be their preview channels, the ones where they have been taking a number of 120 and 180 channels and showing them on a rotating schedule.

I didn't read this as being all 180 channels available all month for top 60 customers.
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