121/105 using 500/300/sw21?


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Mar 22, 2004
Looking for input from anyone else who's tried this.

I originally tried it with the same wiring plan as the old 119/110/61.5 tie in system, without success. I found out, after three days of playing with it, that the 300's dual lnb needed to be replaced with a KU band LNB.

So, on the advice of a coworker, I swapped that dual out for a Directv Sat C lnb, which I'm told is a KU band unit. I* haven't had much time to play with it since, but I am having difficulty locating the 121 from zip code 49441. Any suggestions?
Couple things
-The Sat C isnt KU...its DSS...so you need a different LNB
-Need a bigger dish...30" minimum for KU/FTA (free to air)/home made SD
-The Dish500 LNB & switch that you are connecting this to MUST be Legacy, not Dish Pro.

Once you get the right size dish & LNB, hook a direct line to the receiver to tune in 121, and use TP 1. Since its real close to 119, it isnt that difficult to fine tune it. key thing is when you tune, go a bout 1/8 inch and wait 3 or 4 seconds, as KU takes a little longer.

Once you find the signal, hook the SW21 in, using the Dish 500 as input 1 and the SD as input 2 and run check switch.

I have done it and it works great. All I get is the "you have a SuperDish at 121" (no locals there)
Thanks, Ice.

DishPro is, IMO, a cosmic joke D* invented to sell new equipment to old customers. The only real advantage I've found in teh documentation regarding DishPro is that it can handle longer cable runs(<=200'), whereas the legacy can only handle up to 150'.

Beyond that nice feature, all it does is cause headaches and additional costs for either new equipment or DishPro adapters.

While I'm on the subject of DishPro and SD, homemade or otherwise, has anyone tried replacing the DP Dual on a SD with a Legacy Dual?
Perhaps there is some hidden benefit that helps Dish Network out, or some hidden benefit that Dish plans on using.
There are 2 big advantages of DishPro
-If you are doing a Superdish install, or a Dish500 and a wing (61.5 or 148), you only need 3 lines running to the switch instead of 6 (as you do with Legacy)
-Supposedly you can put a satellite grade splitter and use one line instead of 2 for receivers like 322,522,etc (that need 2 inputs)
Iceberg said:
-Supposedly you can put a satellite grade splitter and use one line instead of 2 for receivers like 322,522,etc (that need 2 inputs)

It's quite not true - the splitter will works only for ONE dish install, not for multiple sats.
Iceberg said:
-Supposedly you can put a satellite grade splitter and use one line instead of 2 for receivers like 322,522,etc (that need 2 inputs)
That isn't supported yet. You will have to wait for DishPro PLUS technology.

DishPro is simple stacking ... all the channels from one satellite at the same time on one cable. Legacy LNBs output either all the odd transponders OR all the even ones, depending on voltage. DishPro gives you ALL of a satellite's transponders at the same time.

DP Switches (including the one built into DP Dual and DP Quad LNBs) give you a choice of one satellite at a time - and all transponders from that satellite. Theoretically if you dropped in a splitter the two receivers would only work if they were looking for the same satellite ... regardless of transponder.

DP+ is a different kind of stacking. Instead of stacking one satellite by Odd and Even it stacks the signals requested by the two tuners.
The lower spectrum of DP+ is a lot like legacy. 950-1450 MHz feeding tuner one with the receiver telling the switch which satellite and polarity to place in that space. The upper spectrum of DP+ is for the second tuner - tuner two telling the switch to stack a possibly different satellite and polarity in the upper band.

Older receivers that have two DP or Legacy inputs will need a special converter at the back of the receiver that will split the DP+ coax from the switch or DP+ LNB into two Legacy feeds. New receivers with DP+ inputs can convert internally.

DP+ LNBs are cool in a new way. The dual has two outputs ... which can feed a 522 or 322 on each output (or DP/Legacy receivers). But the LNB also has an input for a second satellite feed. One will be able to wire a second dish (Dish300 or standalone 105/121 dish) to the input and the outputs will be able to switch (two tuners per cable) between three orbital locations and any transponder. Basically a DP+34 with two cable runs into the house, and one cable link to the second dish.


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