123w and 129w with 1 Meter Primestar

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Aug 13, 2006
NW Ontario, Canada
I really wouldnt' require 110 as I think gol tv is all that's in the clear there and I'm really not interested in it. I use 119 just for the audio channels....that in itself is worth it. My son (he's 6) is into rockets and space etc. so the NASA channel is good for him on occasion too. But good to know that I could do that if I wanted too. I think if there's time over the weekend I'll look into adding a circular LNB for 119 to my G10R setup. I'll probably have to remove the cover from a Dish Network LNB to make it work.


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May 6, 2005
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I'll probably have to remove the cover from a Dish Network LNB to make it work.

Not necessarily. That's four degrees of separation, and 119w is a VERY strong satellite. Try holding the circular LNBF just to the right of the G-10R LNBF (looking from behind the dish). You'll probably get a decent signal from 119w.


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Sep 22, 2005
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careful what you ask for ...

Too bad there's not much else of interest around G10R or G27.......and 2 degrees would require a very extensive lnb/feedhorn modification.......possibly more than a couple of hours with a dremel..........although I have a air powered cutoff wheel for the compressor that works a lot quicker than my dremel :D :eureka
Last year when Iceberg put in his T-90, he got into LNB-crowding and there were a lot of pictures and discussions on how to grind down the sides of LNBs to get them closer.
I suggest you take a look through his thread for the more mild suggestions.
Toward the end, I posted some pix of extreme LNB-mods to shoehorn a cheap circular up against an existing linear. :cool:
Not really suggesting you go that far, but that is how far you can go!


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Jul 16, 2006
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I got up early yesterday morning while it was still cool on the roof, and changed over the family setup for G10 and G27.

I used the same setup as above, and it worked like magic.

I am not as happy with the signal on G10 as I was with mine. Their G10 dish had the old style dove bar shaped dual output LNBF with the giant feed-horn and it was getting 75% SQ on 11720 V.

The one I modified was like the one in the pictures above and was an OEM single output with the smaller feed-horn. I even took that LNB off the feed-horn and put the Hughes LNB on to see if it was better. It was worse, so I put the other one back on.

I may go back and try putting on a different old-style LNB with the bigger feed-horn and see if it can be done. I might have to modify the feed a little if it is in the way of the G27 LNBF.

I was very happy with White Springs. Got a solid 75% SQ on it again.

So once again, Fred is really really happy. :D
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