2-Dish Switch Setup for 921?


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Oct 20, 2003
Okay, I'm patiently awaiting my 921 :shock:. I currently have a 501 and a 301, and I'm planning on swapping the 501 for the 921, should it arrive before armageddon.

I have a single Dish500 dish. Now, I know that I'll need a new switch in order to feed both the 301 and the 2 tuners on the 921, so I've been shopping for a DP34... but since Dish will install a 2nd dish for free to get the additional Dallas locals, I'm wondering if this is the switch they would use by default for the 2-dish setup if I had them install it, eliminating the need for me to get one myself.

Informed speculation appreciated!
Wait to you get your 921 then have Dish install your second dish, they will give you the switch for free as you need it. :)

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