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Jul 20, 2005
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They will install 2 Hoppers and 1 Joey. Just tell the installer you changed your mind and don't want the 2nd Joey. You do not have to have it hooked up. There are many posts on here that say the same thing. I ordered 2 and 2 from Dish and not a local installer. When he arrived I told him that I changed my mind and he never even brought the 2nd Joey in the house. I totally agree it's stupid but it is so easy to play the game.

Different people have different luck. A lot of installers "must" complete the ENTIRE workorder in order for it to be a success. Thus, both Joeys will have had to be activated, then deactivated later. My method is just the safest bet. If you ended up with an installer that could get it done without doing that, that's great, maybe others can too.
Good to consider these posts. I may order 2H/2J and pay to own the two J. Installer sets all up. Well, I'll have done the wiring. Then I can deactivate 1 or 2 J and just activate when needed..
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Apr 6, 2012
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Just had my system installed Monday 4/15. I was on chat with a DISH tech person (from the main DISH support options page) Saturday night and they said they could get the 2H/2J system I wanted that Monday. Then in thinking this over I really only needed one Joey. Use it for the theater and can tap into the composite SD video output for the old tube TV used for the workout area. No need for a second dedicated Joey. So I fired up the chat session on Sunday and they had no problem with me removing one of the Hoppers for a 2H/1J system. Well kinda no problem. Had to make sure they understood what I wanted to do.

Just (politely) press them on the issue if they push back as I'm sure a lot of the people we speak to or chat online with are just doing what they are told to do when responding. I figure I would save an additional $84 a year in the extra Joey cost.

... and I saved the online chat sessions just in case the installer or anyone said they can't do that configuration. ;)


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Jul 15, 2011
Your 2nd Hopper is about to go up to $14/mo, and the whole home fee another $4, increasing your monthly costs by $11. I'm sure they didn't tell you that.
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