2 Month SuperDish Install Appointment Canceled...


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Dec 18, 2003
Back in December when Locals were offered in Champaign I called and had an install date set for the SuperDish on Feb. 16. I scheduled the morning off from work, but I wasn't holding my breath based on what I've been reading here. Sure enough on Saturday the 14th I get a call from E* telling me that they can't make the install date due to the high demand of equipment. I conveyed my displeasure and asked why it is that someone that's been a loyal customer for over 6 years gets to watch his backyard neighbor, who has never had a dish before, have a brand new SuperDish installed several weeks ago? She didn't have much of an answer for me and apologized for the problem and went on to tell me that the first available date for the install would be May 12th. Nearly HALF A YEAR AFTER they launch the service.......?!?!?

E* are you listening? Do you care?

I'm starting to get frustrated. Why launch a service that subscribers can't receive? Not a good call on someone's part.

I keep telling myself - "it's just TV..... it's just TV......"


Call 1-866-443-6162

Don't waste your time with the 3474 customer service number. This is executive level CSR and its for folks like you. If your file shows all the missed appointments, and it should, these people can help you. I went through the same process and they helped me. Additionally, ask for some free services as a goodwill gesture- they have it in their power to make "adjustments".

Let us know how it works out

Also I've found that if you keep calling asking to be rescheduled sooner, sometimes opening get created. My locals when up and I got an install the very next day, but later was canceled since the installer didn't have a legacy adapter (but really did...that's a whole nother story). When I first found out that it was canceled, the next available slot was a month and a half away. I took it and called back in a few hours and magically a slot opened up the very next day.

I'm currently doing the same thing trying to get a 510. I originally was suppose to have it installed tomorrow morning, but since I was going to keep my old receiver instead of trading it in, they had to cancel the one order and generate a new one...over a week later. :rolleyes: Just let me pick it up somewhere. Shesh. I think I can handle screwing it in.

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