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Oct 21, 2009
Is it possible to program my 20.0 remote to control the volume of my stereo receiver with volume controls and tv off and on without selecting mode button? I thought I read in a thread that this could be done. Trying to eliminate using mode buttons.

Possible the thread was referring to remote 30.0 or 40.0 for Hopper, can they be programmed to accomplish the above?


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Dec 30, 2010
Denver, Colorado
When your DISH Network remote is programmed to your TV, the volume buttons on the remote are defaulted to control the TV volume whether you are in TV, SAT, or VCR/DVD mode. If you want the volume buttons to control an auxiliary device (such as a surround sound system), you can change the default settings so that the remote volume buttons control the AUX mode device. It is important to note that once you have changed the sat mode volume device, you cannot access the TV volume.

1.Press and hold the AUX mode button. To disable AUX Volume, press and hold the TV mode button.

2.Press POUND (#)

4.Press 0

5.Press POUND (#)
This will make it so the volume controls default to AUX mode.

For the TV power, just press the red TV button on the remote, no need to change the mode it's in. Sorry about the formatting

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