20 worst calls in Sports

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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
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(descriptions available at the link)

The reamed team: U.S. vs. U.S.S.R. Sept. 1972

The tricky coin toss: Lions vs. Steelers Nov. 1998

The shoe-in: Stars vs. Sabres June 1999

The immaculate deception: 49ers vs. Packers Jan. 1999

The immovable object vs. inexplicable idiocy: U.S. Open June 1994

Damn yankees!
vs. Red Sox, ALCS Oct. 1999

vs. Orioles, ALCS Oct. 1996

vs. Royals July 1983

vs. Dodgers, World Series Oct. 1978

The Trojan protector: USC vs. Michigan Jan. 1979

The laps of dishonor: True Value 500 June 1997

The hand of God England vs. Argentina June 1986

The God complex Celtics vs. Suns June 1976

The fifth down: Colorado vs. Missouri Oct. 1990

The shortest yard: Jets vs. Seahawks Dec. 1998

The fans decide: England vs. West Germany July 1966

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