2nd 622 reciever question


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Sep 28, 2006
I have two 622 recievers one of which is being used. I was wondering what I needed to get the second one working for a second HD tv I was getting soon.

Will my existing dish be adequate or do I need another dish (or different LNB)?

Do I need to activate the new receiver? (I got it on ebay so I don't really know the history of it)

Any help is appreciated.
It depends what you have now. Do you know what dish you have now? How many receivers are you using? Do you have any switches in the mix.

Yes, you will need to activate with DISH when you are ready to go. When you say you dont know the history of it. You did verify that it is clear before you bought it right? Otherwise it could be leased and you couldn't even turn it on.

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