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Dec 14, 2004
Hi folks --

For the last 4 years I've been a Dish subscriber -- (E*?), with the base package (America's top100) and 612 dual-tuner DVR. I've been reasonably happy with a couple issues.
1) SD signal is marginal (looks milky) both on my HD Sony tube TV, but also a non-HD tv.
2) One of the 625 remotes eats batteries like crazy. 625 is also noisy.

Othewise, it's been ok. I've been pulling in HD on the Sony with an OTA antenna, and the reception is problematic.

Anyway, to make a long story longer: I now have two HD TV's, and am tired of dicking with the OTA antenna. I called Dish, agreed to a new contract with a VIP 622 and HD package. Installer comes out, and says nope. HD requires aiming at a different satellite, and I have LOS issues. I won't say the installer said this, but I heard the DirectTV satellites are 'higher' in the sky, so I should be able to get those.

OK -- call DirectTV. They wouldn't send an installer out to verify I can get D* & their HD package, w/out my committing to a package. Irritating, but makes sense. So I've signed my life away for 2 years, but with a friend's referral, the current HD Plus DVR package and a 2nd HD receiver isn't too terrible.

Install is in two weeks. Here are my questions, based on prior experience.

1) Is it reasonable to assume I won't have LOS issues with D* & HD if I do with E* and HD?

2) Should the install be grounded? For the life of me I see nothing grounding the current Dish TV install. I respect professional installer's experience, and know they're paid per job, but is it reasonable to insist that the install be grounded?

3) Can very long runs of coax (RG-6?) degrade the signal? As I said, I've never been happy with picture on DISH. I have a two story house. The 612 STB is upstairs, and the wiring seems crazy. Dish signal goes into the crawlspace and 60' to the other side of the house where there's a TimeWarner cable junction. Then I'm guessing it goes through my house wiring upstairs to the 612 which has 3 diplexers (?) hanging off it, where I guess the 2nd TV's signal goes back to the cable junction then *back* to the 1st floor TV?

Seems odd. With this D* install, I'm assuming there will be two cables coming from the dish -- one for the HD-DVR STB and one for the HD STB. Can't they just run these into the crawlspace, and and splice them into the coax cables running to the downstairs and upstairs wallplates, respectively? It would be a much shorter run.

Many thanks -- the first install was just kinda confusing, and I want to understand what's going on....

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