322 to multiple tv's?


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May 23, 2004
I'm an installer and today i went to this big fancy house and the guy there or contractor says he wants to put a 322 in the basement and somehow run both tuner ouputs on the 322 to six different rooms. Is this possible? If it is possible wouldnt you need an additional uhf remote?
Thanks for any help
It can be done with some effort, don't know however if you can get a UHF remote for tuner one. If you have a good supplier you can have them help you set up your own mod/filter/combiner design .. otherwise, you can use a ready made system like this one:


Which would solve the IR remote problem with additional IR interfaces for each room.
Okay, here's how you do it with a 322.

1. Tell him that unless he pays for a remote control extender that will transmit the first tuner's remote signals back to the receiver, he will have to change channels at the box in the basement.

2. Use an amp for the channel 3/4 output so it will be strong enough to reach all the sets.

3. Use a splitte that also acts as a combiner to combine the tuner 1 and tuner 2 outputs.

4. Put the combined output to another splitter.
for more info IIRC.

www.channelplus.com as was said. :rolleyes:
First suggestion use a 522 instead of 322 for additional $4.98/mo for DVOD fee you get the recording capabilities on both tuners. Second use a SC/3 combiner output tuner 1 into the CH3 input and Tuner 2 into the antenna input the combined output goes to a 25Db amplifier. This goes to the whole house distribution system. Your problem is the remotes if the customer wants 6 rooms you will need 6 remotes unless the customer wants to carry the remote from room to room. If the customer dosen't want to change remote addresses for each tuner you will need 12 remotes one for each tuner, 2 per room.

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