33" Dish Vs. 39" Dish

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Otter Lake

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Nov 23, 2006
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Have searched the threads but have not been able to find a clear answer. Have 33" dish with Sg 2100, quality on 123 averages 50% and on 97 around 30% to 40%. Have tweaked dish but this is the best quality I can get. Problem is, depending on weather I lose siginal quality especialy on 97. Will installing a 39" dish or larger increase quality on these two sats? Located in Atlantic Canada.


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Sep 22, 2005
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A bigger dish always helps.
See the review section where Iceberg compared a 36 to a smaller dish.
Maybe yours was damaged in shipment - it happens.
Did you check it to see if the rim would lay flat on a table or floor before installing it?

A better LNB can help a little.
See the review section where Iceberg compared an Invacom to other LNBs.
(both reviews are several years old)

If I recall correctly, Linuxman got that same receiver and hinted that it might be less than the most sensitive, so maybe a different receiver might help.

On 97, are you sure it's not just a tracking problem with the motor?

Did you check skew and in/out location (focus) of the LNB?

I'm sure there will be others with better suggestions, once they wake up.
I'm going to bed, now. ;)


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Jun 24, 2006
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Hello Otter,
I will venture to say that a 39" dish will definitely improve your signal strength. I'd expect the strength to about DOUBLE ( if you can believe the dbm figures published by the OEM's) . I found a substantial improvement by going to a 36" dish from a 31". The symptoms you describe are similar to the one's that I had with my 31" dish, and I am in a better location than you ( closer to central NA and more southerly ). The old saw about FTA requiring a 30" dish is correct, but depending upon location, that little 30" dish can be pretty frustrating.
Get the big one, no excuses now ! :)




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Nov 17, 2003
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A bigger dish would probably work just based on your location. The footprint for some satellites drops off as you get into Canada and being on the far eastern part that doesn't help.


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Jul 13, 2006
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I too forsee a bigger dish making a difference for you. I remember when I bought my 39" that any who lived in the northeastern US, they recommended it over the 33". I would give the bigger dish a shot first, and then go from there. Make SURE your mount is plumb as well...if it's a tick off, your signal will suffer. I learned the hard way :) With my 39" and my Invacom QPH-031, here in the southeast US, I get 90+ on virtually everything!
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