3ABN English / 3ABN Latino 3ABN Radio Moving to New Satellite Galaxy19



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Mar 28, 2007
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Glorystar Christian broadcasting partner, Three Angels Broadcasting Network is moving 3ABN English, 3ABN Latino and 3ABN Radio channels to Galaxy19 @ 97W effective immediately. 3ABN plans on keeping their current channels on AMC4 @ 101W active for several months to allow their North America viewers to transition to the new satellite.

If you need programming and dish aiming instructions for older legacy satellite systems, please visit http://3abn.glorystar.tv

New Channel Parameters:

Satellite: Galaxy19
Frequency: 11842
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 22000

3ABN English:
VPID: 2001
APID: 3001
PCR: 2001
SID: 1

3ABN Latino:

VPID: 2003
APID: 3003
PCR: 2003
SID: 3

3ABN Radio:
APID: 3111
PCR: 3111
SID: 111
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