Glory Star Satellite system is working again


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Aug 6, 2005
Houston, Texas
Hello. I have had a glory star satellite TV system set up for 7 years or so. I have the older geosat 11 receiver. The system stopped working about a year ago. i tried to trouble shoot it and it kept saying the signal was too weak. I figured the wind had shifted the dish. The sat dish is on the roof and this is a two story house. I don't have a ladder to reach that high, and I didn't feel like paying a tech to come out and look at what was wrong.

So I did without. Whenever there was some adventist christian programming I really wanted to watch I viewed it online on a laptop and thru an app on 3abn. Both methods were good, but not as nice and convenient as the satellite system hooked up to the television. I troubled shot the receiver and it kept telling me the signal was too weak.

I figured maybe it had something to do with me not having the new geosat 1200 receiver. I thought maybe I was missing out on some new tech paradigm shift.

Then yesterday I tried it again. The receiver was gathering dusk. It worked! I just finished watching it. I don't know was that was all about, but I am glad I can see adventist tv programming via the glory star system again. Darryl in Houston TX


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Aug 9, 2004
Good to hear it is working again. Perhaps water in a line somewhere and it dried out. Likely to lead to future problems though.

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Jun 10, 2010
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Hello after a long time - - since May 24 2015.
I have done some re-aims, new installs, etc.
I recently aimed one in central South Carolina. They called and asked how to record programming
on the 1200. They don't have a flash drive. So they will call soon after they go to town and get one.
I couldn't see any way to record on the 1200 in my house here. I probably just am not seeing what to do.
So, if someone has some simple directions to set a scheduled record session, please let me know.
Thanks. Bill

Update: After posting this, I searched and found the manual. I also found in there enough to figure it out. I have a short recording session scheduled in a few minutes. I will practice a little here so I can be prepared to direct the new users.

Thanks all.
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