Glory Star system not working again


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Aug 6, 2005
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Hello forum. I cannot receive channels on my glory star system again. The 'S" or signal is 75, but the 'Q' or quality is 30 to 35. This current problem started about a week ago. The dish is up on a two story house roof that I can't get to. I need to buy a good ladder.

I had this problem before and posted here about it. Somehow, mysteriously the signal returned to normal. I am hoping this happens again. Perhaps the dish needs re positioning.

Someone mentioned earlier that water may have gotten into my line somehow. if that is the case I could get in the attic and run new cable from the dish to the receiver. That would be easier than getting up on a ladder.

Anyone have any ideas? Oh yes, I have the old geosat 1100 receiver. I have not upgraded. I don't know it that is a factor or not.

Darryl in NW Houston

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Feb 27, 2010
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Could be the roof is distorting, because of seasonal changes, throwing the dish alignment off. RE:
Somehow, mysteriously the signal returned to normal
If you can get the coax replaced receiver to dish, by accessing the attic, why doesn't that allow access to realign the dish?? Got to get to the dish to replace the coax(???)
Oh wow, just noticed your post's date.

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