hdvr 3500 receiver dvr

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  1. Hello forum, long time no see. We moved recently. I left the dish up because I didn't have time to get a ladder. I had the old manhattan 1100c receiver. It was old. I still have it btw. The facing on the remote was worned off. it was time to get another system.

    So, I ordered the hdvr 3500. So far I am impressed. I have one problem though:
    I can't figure out how to record. i was listening to something I wanted to record, but nothing happened. I got out the fine manual and it said something about the receiver has built in memory, but that i could also add a mobile hard drive or a flash drive. Although flash drives were mentioned it said something about that type of memory is not preferred. Can someone help me out with this?
  3. There's a thread here on Satguys that Eugene from SatelliteAv was giving support in for the HDVR3500, if you search for HDVR3500, it'll probably come up and you could ask in that thread. Or you could contact SatelliteAv directly.

    When I had my 3500 hooked up, I used thumb drives to record on without issues. The internal storage of the 3500 is actually a thumb drive, if you remove the cover of the 3500, you'll see a thumb drive with no case on it inserted into a standard USB port on the board.