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    Hello, I have had Glorystar FTA for a few years. I have had to replace a few receivers.
    Today, because of lightening, I got a new receiver from them. Nothing is showing up on the screen after hookup. I also replaced the LNBF. The co axle cable going in the LNBF was hot. I took off the old one and put on a new LNBF and the connection warmed again. Thoughts? Not sure why this is not working out for me, I expected the Glorystar interface to come up on my screen and it did not.
    I am not a geek but basically can hook up my own receivers. Thanks for your help.
    M. Wright
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    I would suggest you remove the coax cable from the lnbf right at the dish. Then, hook a temporary length of coax up to the lnbf, and connect that directly to the new receiver. Even if you have to take the receiver & tv set right out to the dish, and use a long extension cord.

    After a lightning strike, anything is possible. Even the coax could have "flashed-over" and is now effectively shorted. Or, if there's any switches, barrel connectors, or ground connectors inline, those could be shorted out.

    Trying this as I stated above, eliminates all variables. If it now works fine, you need to find out if it's bad coax, or whatever. That can be done using an Ohmmeter.

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