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Jun 10, 2010
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I know this isn't the place, but there are folks here who have been helpful before. Since I've been successful on many GS installs, I haven't needed to come here.
I have gotten many calls to install Direct and Dish systems through FTA Install.
Does anyone here know where to get tp/polarity/symbol rate, etc. to put in my FirstStrike meter?
I have a call now that uses a 3lnb oval tilted dish.
I'd like to attempt this re-aim for the customer at no cost, just to learn what it is like.

Thanks, Bill


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Sep 2, 2008
The First Strike meter site, I have seen that they have had a file for every different providers satellite signal; to achieve "lock's" on them. dtv file; dish file; or default (which allows direct entry; of which I use for each of the parameters that need direct entry. MPEG-IV or h.264 may be a little harder; as it has more parameters than the mpeg-ii "styling". I have used my hdvr1200 as a meter for them ($139 @; as it will lock on mpeg-iv signals; albeit very slowly because it takes more "info" from the tp to achieve the lock. It won't show a picture for dtv or dn; but will; or can be used as a meter.

MPEG-IV/h.264 signals are really just mpeg-2 signals with added "parameters" (numbering names and hdtv definition typing). The meters actually all lock first onto the derivitives of mpeg-iv which are mpeg-ii. I use a first strike se, the second newest; and it has been just fine for fta signals, mpeg2 or 4.

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