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Aug 11, 2013
How do I know if my reciever has failed or if it is in the Satellite or the satellite dish. We were in the middle of watching a program and in the middle of it the NO SIGNAL came up. That was yesterday and we haven't been able to get any channels at all since. Not sure if I need to buy a new reciever or check my dish??? Thanks for any help in advance,


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Have you turned it off with the switch on the back, or unplugged it, for a few minutes and then turned back on and checked? That is my first test.

Then I would look at the outdoor connections for loose or broken, ---and at our house -- look to see what the cats pulled loose or chewed through!

Failure of real equipment - the good stuff anyway - is rare!

Also make sure the dish did not get bumped and moved off spot. That would be unusual unless the was a very strong storm -- or "vandals".


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Sep 3, 2004
Roseville, CA
In addition to RV1pop's suggestions:

When the SIG button is pressed on the remote control, what is the Signal Level reading and the Quality reading?

If you have a voltage testing meter, check the voltage on the coax cable connection at the back of the receiver and out at the dish. When the receiver is on a vertical channel (TBN) the voltage should be 13vdc and on a horizontal channel (3ABN) the voltage should be 18vdc (+/- 10%). If the dc voltage is close to these readings, likely the LNBF has failed. Glorystar has replacement LNBFs (the GEOSATpro SL1PLL) for $17.

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