Topfield Receiver Failed - Need Replacement


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Jul 14, 2013
Orlando, FL
I am a current GloryStar user, and have a TopField TF6200F receiver that appears to be failing. What are my options for a replacement receiver....I would like to know the most cost effective replacement receiver. I already have a DVR recorder, so don't need recorder capability in receiver.


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Mar 28, 2007
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The GEOSATpro HDVR1200 is the Glorystar distributed receiver that includes the free automatic channel list updating, High Definition for the announced upcoming 3ABN HD channel(s) and optional DVR function if you add a USB drive (no internal drive). The retail cost is $135 and includes one year warranty and telephone technical support.

If you don't care about future HD programming, there are currently a few remaining reconditioned GEOSATpro DSR200c receivers with the automatic Glorystar channel list updating feature for only $70. Call for more information: 866-597-0728. You might also ask the representative about the upgrade / replacement discount on the HDVR1200 receiver.

If you want an inexpensive unit that you need to program and manually update, there are many brand choices on Ebay, but technical support or programming would likely be minimal or non-existent.

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