4.0 ir/uhf PRO remote to replace my 1.5 ir/uhf ?? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 23, 2010
quebec, canada
I have to replace my remote to control my old Expressvu (Dish) receiver model 4700 (the information system indicates 4700C now). My old one is a 1.5 IR/UHF blue button. I just bought a brand new remote on the Web but it is the 4.0 IR/UHF PRO model - the guy swared to me that it would the right model for replacement. Since it doesn't work, would you please tell me if it is me who don't proceed well or if, as I suspect, this model is not compatible with my 4700 receiver ? If so, what do you suggest as replacement since I can't find the initial model (the 1.5) ?

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