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Jul 18, 2005
The 722k is based on an incrementally improved chip (slightly faster), is a little less prone to overheating, and if you have the OTA module, it has two antenna tuners instead of one. If you don't have the OTA module, there's no antenna tuner at all. The 722k is hands-down a better box, if you have the choice, especially if you use your terrestrial antenna. If you don't use a terrestrial antenna, the 722k is still superior, but may not be worth the cost difference.


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Nov 20, 2003
San Jose, California
The 722 is a 3 tuner box with 2 sat and 1 ota tuner

The 722k can be 4 tuner box w/2 sat and 2 ota IF you purchase the OTA modual. without the ota modual which is sold seperately the 722k is only a 2 tuner box.

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