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Thornton Melon

Original poster
Nov 16, 2006
I got 4.12 today, and I notice that fast forward and rewind doesn't move smoothly through the video (regardless of the speed). The way it skips blocks of video (sometimes large blocks) make the FF/RW very "jerky," whereas before (with 2.whatever) it used to flow through the video much more smoothly.

Other complaints:

You used to be able to key in 1-6-8 and the right arrow key in order to jump forward exactly 7 days in the guide from where you are now (168 being the number of hours to jump). Now when you key in 1-6-8, it just takes you to that channel in the guide.

The search function has somehow been broken. Certain searches yield no results for programs that are obviously in the guide. Example: "Tavis Smiley" airs twice a day where I live (once each on two different locals). Searches for "Tavis" or "Tavis Smiley" that are entered by hand yield zero results. If I browse the guide to Tavis Smiley and pound key in order to search, I still get zero results. How can I get zero results from the guide search when I began my search on a guide listing for that program?

Certain timers get skipped to benefit timers that have a lower priority. Example: "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" (priority #11) is skipped in order to benefit timer "Frontline" (priority #25). The reason given? "Event skipped: by priority" Wrong!

With previous software releases, pressing pause and then "skip back/skip fwd" to frame advance was very precise. Now, it's much more hit or miss. Example: I frequently transfer programs/recordings to DVD-R/RW. When I'm done transferring what I want, I pause the DVD recorder and then movie to a spot of video from the 522 that has an all black screen (like the short black out when coming into/out of a commercial) and then stop the DVD recorder in order to give my DVD recording a crisp, solid start/finish. It's now very difficult to actually get to one of those black outs before/after a commercial. If you pause, and then "skip fwd" to frame advance, the 522 now actually takes you back a little bit. Why?

The original air date thing is pretty useless for a lot of programs. Example: The nightly Hardball With Chris Matthews (that I'm watching as I type this) is listed as "1995." WTF? Who cares if Hardball premiered in 1995? It should have today's date as the orig. air date. That would make the feature useful for instances when they rerun an episode over the weekend. Then you could say, "Oh, today's Saturday the 18th, and this episode of Hardball is a rerun from Thursday the 16th." Duh!

And one final issue (not specifically related to 4.1X, but since I'm venting, what the hell) If I have "TV Enhancements" set to "Disable," why am I still bombarded with Dish's spam for "Tune to channel XYZ now," or "Press select to order XYZ now"? I consider these spamvertisements to be part of the "TV Enhancements," and if I have them set to "disable," then they should not be appearing, period.
Just to update/clarify:

I figured out what's wrong with the search function: it doesn't search the locals! Example: The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs M-F on my NBC local, as well as M-F, nationally, on Oxygen (channel 127). When I search for the program, the search results only show the listings from Oxygen. How am I the only one here to notice/complain about this? Can someone please do a few searches from their locals and confirm this bug? Thanks.

Additional complaints:

It's difficult (if not impossible) to rewind to the true beginning of a recording. It goes back, but generally skips the very beginning.

When you fast forward through the end of a recording, and then do a "skip back" to go 10 seconds back into the program, it actually takes you back in more than a minute.

It used to be that if you were due for a guide update, and did a soft reboot, after the box came back on and acquired signal, it would update the guide for you. It doesn't do it for you anymore and requires you to update the guide in a separate process or turn on the "daily updates."

I understand the need for a company to update/improve their software, but what in the world were they thinking? They have fixed nothing with these last two software releases and only introduced a ton of problems to what had actually become a very stable box.

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