4700 receiver problems


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Mar 30, 2004
I have a model 4700 dish receiver that has started to change channels and power off on it's own. Seems to happen at random times. I tried removing batteries from remote thinking it could be a remote problem, but no luck. Any ideas?
If you have a UHF remote you might try changing your remote address,maybe your neighbor has Dishnetwork also???

Because UHF signals travel long distances and
go through walls, a neighbor’s remote may
accidentally control your receiver. If this
happens, you may change the remote address.
Note: Do not change the remote address unless
it is absolutely necessary, because the remote
cannot control the receiver if the two devices
have different addresses. If you start this
procedure and then do not press any button for
20 seconds, the remote will return to normal
operating mode. Just start over again.
1. Press the Menu button.
2. Select the System Setup option.
3. Select the Installation option.
4. Select the System Info option.
This displays the Important System
Information menu. Note the Remote
Address shown on this menu.
5. Press and hold the SAT mode button about three
seconds, until all the mode button backlights
come on, and then release the SAT button.
6. Use the number pad buttons to enter a number
from 1 to 15. The SAT mode button backlight
will blink off after you enter each digit, and then
come on again.
7. Press the Pound (#) button. If the address
you entered is valid for the remote control,
the SAT mode button backlight flashes
three times.
8. Press the Record button. The number in the
Remote Address field on the Important
System Information menu should match
the one you entered.
9. To check the code, press and hold the SAT mode
button for three seconds. Then, press the Pound
(#) button twice. The SAT mode button
backlight flashes the same number of times as
the address.
10. Select the Cancel option again to exit the menus.

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