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Posted Nov 13, 2006 at 03:31AM by Ryan A.

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Tags: Microsoft, Best Buy Today's November 12, right? We all have about 10 days or so to see if gaming site Destructoid's claim of a big Microsoft announcement this coming November 22 will indeed happen. According to them, they have a mole buried fairly deep into the corporation so we can consider this scoop as legit. Well, if you ask us, we don't report things as "confirmed" unless they are exactly that, so tab this one under "rumors" we did. For the sake of good and clean speculatin', this is what we dug from their predictions:

Microsoft is going to announce and release 80GB or 100GB hard drives, but not sure yet which one but possibly both. As well as the future 160GB and 200GB options.
HDMI cables and prices should follow this hard drive news. Expect a US$ 69.99 price.
The Outfit is dropping to $10 at Best Buy "FOR SURE." It's also a solid rumor that many will drop to $15 and $20 through the holidays. Madden 06, PDZ, THUG, King Kong, NHL06, Ridge Racer (already is) and most dated sports games.
So there. Actually we have covered all these rumors before but Destructoid (minus the candles and crystal balls) is saying that these are already confirmed info. Don't worry though, we'll be sure to inform you as soon as more concrete things reach our ears. For all you know we might have a mole of our own. Maybe we don't have but then again, maybe we do...

11/22 is when all of the video content hits the XLA marketplace. That may be the big announcement, and it has already been made public...
Yeah, maybe. But it makes sense that they would announce bigger hard drives, since the 20gigs would run out really fast if you stored movies and shows on it.