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I agree the picture is good but the lighting is darker and the Zoom is further out so the players are smaller. Of course the lighting is dependent on the facility and the Zoom is dependent on the camera location. Still a great picture but not quite as perfect.

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I still think it looked great, much better than Dish's earlier 4K attempts.

If you've ever been to a game at MSG you would notice the lighting there. More than sufficient light on the playing surface but the rest of the arena is dark, putting the focus on the players.

Madison Square Garden Wins 2015 IES Lighting Control Innovation Award Of Merit
Well, I brought up Dish Anywhere, and it will show me the two 540 channels. Only the Friday B1G Ten games aren’t listed in the Guide. Maybe they’ll show up tomorrow morning?
I was able to schedule the 9:00 EST game tonight between Purdue and Penn St. (using the Hopper 3, of course) so I’m good. Why does Purdue always end up with the late game start?
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Okay, how am I able to do this? I’m watching the B1G Ten 4th Quarterfinal game on 540-02 on my 4K Joey in HDR (according to my LG 48C1OLED)!
I went to the TV Activity on my 4K Joey, saw that my Timer was recording, I chose to start at the beginning, and ta-da, I saw the HDR indicator on the TV and 4K Purdue Basketball. :heartbeat:cool:
To early to ask if 2022 World Cup will be available in 4K on Dish?
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To early to ask in 2022 World Cup will be available in 4K on Dish?
The TV provider is FS1 and that could be a good thing. But, the Cup matches will be played in Qatar and who knows if they will be produced in 4K/8K such as the Olympics. If they are indeed being produced that way there is a good chance that we will see the matches in up-converted 4K.
Fox can't be bothered giving us a NASCAR Cup Series broadcast in 4K...an established sport with large nationwide following...but they can do USFL games in 4K while they line up to be the next failed attempt at spring pro football.

EDIT...I stand corrected by the article in the next post. :)
Pleasantly surprised that they are showing the delayed race in 4K today, but for anyone who might have watched yesterday and today...is it me or are the colors a lot more muted today? Yesterday was all overcast in Dover but I recall the colors looking pretty normal. Today the sun is out at the track, so it should be even brighter, but picture is all dark and muted. I thought they had figured out the whole muted 4K color problem in recent months?
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