5-10-04 Tech Chat 921 Summary


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921 Tech Chat summary

Call-in question from Peter: (1)Will there be a screen saver feature in the 921? (2)What about name-based recording?

Answer: (1)Screen saver feature will be placed back in the software this summer. (2)Name-based recording available later this year for the 921.

Internet question from Robert: Having problems with OTA guide on the 921.

Answer: OTA stuff should be all fixed in 2 weeks.

Call-in question from Alex: (1)Is there going to be an upgrade program for existing customers for the 921? (2)Do you have any receivers with a serial port for a stand-alone TiVo to control it?

Answer: (1)No upgrade program. (2)No serial connection for TiVo.

Internet question from George: What’s the story with Sirius?

Answer: Test channels have been up since last Tuesday. 61 channels will be launched within two weeks. 200 kbs is the bitrate.

Call-in question from Gary: 921 will not record local channels, how do I get them to work?

Answer: As mentioned before, software fix for OTA will be available within two weeks.

What’s going on with the 921?
921 is back in production and software upgrades are coming soon.

What is going on with Dishwire?
Support for Dishwire has been pulled because of content protection problems. We are still working on it.

Internet question from Robert: The PIP feature is disabled when in HD mode on the 921.

Answer: Chip inside 921 can’t handle having PIP in HD mode.

E-mail question from Robert: Will guide data be available for OTA on the 921?

Answer: Available in June.

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