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Jan 2, 2006
Where can I locate the proper aiming coordinates for a new 5 LNB dish for my location - zip 95689.

We are under construction at new house up in the mountains - trying to get everything installed while walls are open - scheduled an install under the movers program. Installer was supposed to bring monitor with him as I told them we would not have any T.Vs available etc.

Anyway installer showed up today - claimed there was probably line of site issue with any satellite let alone a 5 LNB. I explained to him we put our RV on the site numerous times and I showed him locations on the property where the Dual LNB dish has no problem with signal. I realize the 5 LNB is going to need a bit more line of site but for him to just pop off there there would be signal problems without even really attempting anything was a concern. Of course he did not bring a monitor to even try. Nor did I see him out with a compass etc.

So bottom line - we discussed a location where I put my dual LNB and all of a sudden he "thinks" it will work if I drop a couple of trees. These are 80-90 Foot pine trees so no small task. So I'm after the coordinates azimuth, elevation, tilt etc for a 5 LNB. I have a handy dandy "periscope" deal that I use when deep woods camping that is designed to help point a dish in the forest. Before I go and drop these trees I first want to survey the site and see if there is any other openings that may work or if I do drop these trees if that will open things up.



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Mar 7, 2005
charper1 said:
A periscope to find dish aiming? That is a new one.

I assume you have a typical $10 heading compass? Just find 135 deg according to dishfreak and and use a inclinometer or Level / Angle Locator. I find all this at wal-mart or home depot but you can get them here too.


A periscope to find dish aiming? That is a new one.

standard equipment at the HSPs now, it is mounted in the vans:D

sorry, couldnt resist;)
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