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Dec 16, 2003
Folks...I hope you have an answer for me... My PVR 501/5100 does not work as a UHF remote, I HAVE TO point it to the receiver to get anything done. I migrated from a 4900 and used to love the UHF feature, this is really screwed up! I even tried changing the remote address, it changed but UHF still didn't work. Moreoever, after an ECM, the remote just stops working since the (remote) address gets reset to "1" and I have to change it back to "1" in order to have it working.

Please help me. I have sat at "arm's length" from the receiver, pointed at it and put my hand in front of the remote to block IR but no luck, the UHF antenna's plugged in and everything and I've even tried jiggling it. No luck yet!! Please help!

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