501 can't aquire satellite signal


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Nov 25, 2006
Hi there, I new here and am hoping to get some help. Woke up this morning, turned on my 501 and the acquiring satellite signal was up. Shows default satellite and continues to search the transponders with no luck. Connected my 301 receiver to this location and works fine. Is there anyone out there that can help. Dish techs are useless. Thanks for any help on this.
Try clearing the switch matrix first, if that doesn't work most likely the satellite tuner is gone in the 501.

To clear the switch matrix:

Disconnect the satellite feed
Run check switch (Menu, 6,1,1, Check Switch)
Connect satellite feed
Run check switch

Do you have another receiver? Does that receiver have the same problem?
Ran the check switch with the sat feed disconnected and still no go. I connected a 301 to the feed and get signal with no problems. Thats why I think it is a receiver issue but not heard of anyone else having this problem. It will not pickup any satellite and detects no switchbox yet the 301 plugged into the same cable feed works just fine. Go figure because I sure can't.:confused:
Oh, yes, this problem has been reported before. Probably time to play taps.
Played (on bugle or trumpet) when people go to sleep and, in this case, at funerals.
Most likely a chip is dead in satellite tuner of your PVR. So you don't have much choice - replace the chip or call Dish for get refurbished one and loose all your recordings.

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