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Nov 6, 2003
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Excuse me if this is known, I've never seen it posted before:

Listen up, Dish, there's a bug in the password screen on the 501. If you put your password in then backup to the previous cell where you entered a digit, the number is displayed. So if I was to put in the first 3 digits and backup, those digits are revealed as I move over them and anyone sitting there watching my TV as I am doing this would then know the first 3 digits of my password and could then easily figure out the rest of the password by trial and error and gain access to my system. :shocked


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Nov 10, 2003
I think they have to many other big bugs to fix and do not worry about the little bugs but if I was worried about someone seeing the password I would just put in the wrong password and then it would start over again and put in the right one. If you put in the wrong password two times in a row then back out and go to another channel because if you put in the wrong password three times in a row it will lock you out for five or ten minutes if I am remembering right.

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