510 VCR Programming


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Sep 8, 2003
I installed my new 510 today. I cannot get the VCR blaster to work. I have an 811 and 301 with the same codes, that is the remotes will work along with the receivers themselves. The 510 will not control the VCR though. Non of the VCR codes will work in the receiver, but the remotes do respond. Any thoughts?

Oh, and the caller ID is screwy too. Doesn't seem to work.
You say nothing about cabinetry or relative positions of the units, so my first thought is to double-check the line of sight between the 510 and the VCR.

Make sure the IR transmitter on the 510 is in direct view of the VCR's 'eye' and see if it can be made to work. Then and only then, put the unit(s) where you want them and see what happens.
I found the problem. In the Setup menu their is a setting for (7)Accessory Jack. It should be set to Switchbox, not IR sender. Very Important :)

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