What Do You Want In A Sat Receiver?


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Nov 29, 2003
I was reading the thread on the 921 FireWire (or DishWire) news and decided to write something down. What I think here is not new, it just I never actually bother to write it down before. I think people should let know what you want in a sat receiver, so here I go, I'll invite you to do the same!

First, they should fix the most urgent problem they have now, and then sit down and think on what to do next. I would suggest a restructuring of their receiver development. Obviously something is wrong somewhere. My guess is every department is trying to come with something of large-scale. Nice, but not always the best choice.

Other thing that should be eliminated is double development. For example, the late 311/322/522/811 use an embedded software as the 721/921 use Linux software. Choose one, either one.

They should also come with a what IS NECESSARY, and a what WOULD BE NICE to have lists to develop, Also keeping in mind in those list the future (how they could save operating money, etc..).

Then concentrating first on the "IS NECESSARY" list. Like myself, I would go with the development of 4 receivers at first. I could even go to the point of replacing all current receivers out there with those. It would cost a lot of money on the short run but they would probably recuperate it at a later time with a better use of their bandwidth, less support needed, etc. Might not be true, but if it is the case, it won't get any cheaper to do so at a latter time.

The 4 receivers that I would go for would be:
Basic Model:
1-Tuner, DD5.1, UHF Remote, 7-Days-IPG(Memory)
Input: 1-RF Antenna, 1-Sat Antenna, 1-Phone Jack
Output: 1-RF, 2-S-Video, 2-Composite, 1-Optical

DVR Model:
2-Tuners, DD5.1, UHF Remote, PIP, 7-Days-IPG(Memory)
Input: 1-RF Antenna, 1-Sat Antenna (Dual Feed), 1-Phone Jack
Output: 1-RF, 2-S-Video, 2-Composite, 1-Optical

HDTV Model:
1-Tuner, 1-ATSC Tuner, DD5.1, UHF Remote, 7-Days-IPG(Memory)
Input: 1-RF Antenna, 1-Sat Antenna, 1-Phone Jack
Output: 1-Component, 1-Optical, 1-HDMI, 1-Composite(Audio)

2-Tuners, 2-ATSC Tuners, DD5.1, UNF Remote, PIP, 7-Days-IPG(Memory)
Input: 1-RF Antenna, 1-Sat Antenna(Dual Feed), 1-Phone Jack
Output: 1-Component, 1-Optical, 1-HDMI, 1-Composite(Audio), 1-FireWire(Future), 1-USB2.0(Future)

As you can see, all receivers would have DD5.1, UHF Remote, 8PSK Capabilities, enough memory for IPG and future development, leading to a good core development on both software and hardware. Starting to uses 8PSK on HDTV(done right now) and other group of channels (Ethnics, etc) would probably save on bandwidth, solving a few issues.

On the software development side, I would get something like:
- 1 group working on core software.
- 1 group working on user interfaces.
- 1 group working on DVR functionalities.
- 1 group working on HDTV functionalities.
- 1 group working on extra features.
- 1 group working on integration.
- 1 group working on issues (keeping the development teams alone for development, it doesn't help when your development teams pass their time fixing problems instead of developing new stuff).

On the hardware development side, well I don’t have much idea as I ever work related to that, I have a degree in Computer Engineering, not Electrical. ;-) Would be nice though to do the development of a brand new receiver, I would like that!

Now those are just my ideas of what I think would be nice they would consider first. If it was just of me, I would only develop a HDTV DVR with 2 tuners, 2-ATSC tuners with only 1 HDMI output. But I am not alone and can understand some of you, for example, want to burn what you have on your DVRs.

Basically, what I am trying to say is... Give me a good HDTV DVR box that works. Then add some feature to it in another model if you want to! I would prefer to have a FireWire output that works than a DVD Writer in the box! (e.g. 922?) If I want to burn my programming, I'll use my computer or I'll buy a DVD writer. I don't need it in my receiver, keep to the basic!!!

What we are seeing here seems to be basic. If you aim too high at first, you'll probably fall trying to reach it. Better aim high, but get a plan to get there first, step-by-step!

So, what would you like to have? Please, don't start bashing the 522/811/921 issues, there is other thread for that! Just what you think would be good and nice to have in next line of receiver!


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