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Oct 3, 2003
My DishRep told us that the 522 and 322 would be available by November 1 to coincide with the introduction of the new Digital Home Plan. We'll see. The 522 and 322 will only be available with Digital Home Plan. Under the new Digital Home Plan, a customer pays $49.99, must activate with at least AT50 or Dish Latino and can choose either a 322, 522 or 811 as their primary receiver (note the $49.99 is credited on the first bill). The customer can add a second 322, 522 or 811 for $100 more or a 111 for $50 more. If the customer commits to a two year agreement, up to $100 in upgrade fees will be waived. No more than 2 dual tuner receivers or 2 811s can be activated on one account. Furthermore, no more than four receivers can be activated (i.e. a maximum of 6 tuners).
I wonder how this may apply to me. I am currently a DHP customer with 3 301s and a 6000 I own. My DHP expires in November. I considered buying 3 more STBs including an 811 or 921.

I wonder if I can upgrade to an 811 for free or possibly $100 and add a 522 upgrade for the other 2 boxes for another $100 or possibly $0 with programing committment?
I'd be willing to trade in my eq and start over again! (2) 811, (1) 522, (1) 322 for $249??? That is simply amazing! I'm really looking forward to the November CC to see what Charlie has in store for folks like me.
Well, I guess the availability is going to slide as they have already pulled the configuration pdf off the Retailer Website.
drjake said:
The 522 and 322 will only be available with Digital Home Plan.

Hmm... so much for the rumored $399 price tag. I guess that will be the eventual price.

I'm just darn wary of the DHP after reading in this and/or other forums of how people were 'locked out' (or nearly locked out) of other special deals (like the 6000 special offer) because they were DHP. Also, when I own my gear and they do something to really torque me off I can cancel at once and sell my gear.
You pay an extra $5 a month to Dish on DHP and this is what you get in return? That just does not seem right to me.

Also I have read where someone wanted to have multiple dual tuner receivers on an account in which would result in 6 or less receiver still but more than 6 tuners. I guess this answers our questions on whether or not we will be allowed to have more than 6 tuners on an account even if you do not have 6 receivers. If someone currently has 3 or 4 receivers and wanted to add two of these dual tuner receivers then you would not be allowed to do so unless you took one of your single tuner receivers off of your account. I am just taking a wild guess here that these only apply to the dual tuner receivers that have two tv outputs, not the 721 or 921 that will have only one tv output.
I got tired of waiting for the 522. Since I really wanted a 2-tuner DVR I went with Directv's Tivo which is a 2-tuner unit, has name-based recording, etc. The only drawback is the HD size, only 40GB. But I already upgraded it with a new 160GB disk I got from CC for $60 after rebate... It's now a BIG DVR I have, and it took me about 15 minutes to do the upgrade, its the same as changing your PC's HD really.

The place where I bought my package is now selling Directv Tivo packages for only $49.99 (includes 1 Tivo, up to 4 Director receivers, equiv to 301s, antenna and install). They're also giving away 3 months of free HBO and a FREE DVD PLAYER, this makes the offer hard to pass. Well, I'm biased, since I didn't pass it. Anyway, wanted to put here my 2 cents and hopefully help some folks to not give their hard earned money to Charlie and still get a wonderful 2-tuner DVR and good satellite service.

I don't have the link for the promotion above with me right now, if any of you are interested just PM or e-mail me for details, and remind me of the "free tivo and dvd promo for $49.99" and I'll dig it up.

Happy DVR hunting.
The current DHP page has a "non-DVR, 3 or 4 room package" that is comprised of two 322s.

If you want a 3-room DVR system then they are pitching a DVR510 and a 322.

Sure would be nice to see the 522 make an appearance on the DHP page (or the regular receiver page, for that matter).
In DHP do you own the equipment after the contract period.

Does 522 allow to record from a external vedio source, say a down converted HD movie etc or any other TV chanel.
Why not let the customers under DHP have a total of 6 tuners allowing 3 322/522's (perhaps limiting it to 1 or 2 522's and the rest having to be 322's since the 522 is more expensive) instead of only two and having to add another two single tuner receivers to get up to 6 tuners? Does not seem very feasible to me.
Scott Greczkowski said:
The 522 should become available to retailers TODAY. Again like the 322 the 522 is DHP Only for now.

Is it that only new subs who sign-up for DHP can get the 522 now, or could a current sub (me!), not currently subscribed to DHP, sign-up for DHP and get the 522? I'm guessing that its new subs/new DHP signup, but just trying to clarify :)
Dish wants new subscribers and the wants to use the new receivers as bait. New subscriber numbers are what boosts the likelyhood of favorable stock analyst comments and thus more people buy your stock. Valid or not, there seems to be a premium on attracting new customers compared to retaining them.

I'm 90% sure that current subscribers cannot simply drop their current accounts and switch to DHP. I somewhat wonder if there's any kind of 'account retention' program or policy that enables them to offer deals if you are threatening to switch to a competitior - I know that does go on in the cellphone industry.

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