522 & 811 UHF Crossed up remotes


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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
Just in case you ever run up against your 811 and 522 UHF remotes fighting each other, you need to make each units remote a different address.

Heres how:

522 secondary remote:

Turn the TV on

Press SYSTEM INFO on the front of the 522.

Write down the Secondary Remote Address where you can set it back if you need to.

Press SAT button for 3 secs until all the mode buttons light up. Let off.

Enter a number between 1-16 that is DIFFERENT from the number you wrote down and that is different from the one in the 811 SYS INFO screen.

Press (#) pound

SAT will flash 3 times to accept


Look at the screen and see if the number on the screen is the same as what you entered. If not, then remote can't control the reciever.

(Taken from page 34 of the 522 manual)


Same as above
Any Uhf

The threads address any receivers or ir/uhf convertors also any time you do any 2 uhf remote systems in same house it will happen 322's 522.s 811.s any301s with a uhf remote you name it it will have to have one address changed


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