921 is very late-will it now be delayed till Jan 8th for CES


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Oct 2, 2003
Here is an idea that will make everyone happy and bring more money to Dish from the Marketing push.

Since the 921 is so late , the competition (Direct TV) may cause the plan to change for marketing reasons.

Proposed New Margeting plan due to 921 delay caused by the "bug"

If the 921 is going to be released during the xmas week (next week) they will then decide delay till Jan 8th (might is well is is sooo late already)


1. so they will know what the price of the HD Tivo is and counter it.

The HD TIVO press release is set for Jan 8th. Some say it could go as low as $599 with a one year contract.

2. The other reason for this is a lot of the call center and tech staff will be taking some holidy vacation time. By Jan 8th everyone will be there.

More . . .

Its all about Money.

1. By releasing at the Jan 8th CES, they will have a better product with NO bugs. Tivo never has release bugs.

2. they will have the chance to add more HD channels by then. Direct TV is also set to Announce Starz HD on Jan 8th.

3. At the CES they can say we have plenty in stock. it is shipping now, you can buy it now at the CES, and our Price is the same as or lower than the Direct HD TIvo which is due out many months from now (on March 1st?)

4. They missed the Xmas buying season. There late. Game over get over it.

The next best marketing time is Jan 8th at the Cunsumer Electronics Show (CES).

What can they do now?

I would still like to see the 921 released today to as a Production Pilot to ALL long time members of the DBS Boards (any of the 3). We know how to test the thing. By doing this it will make us all happy and we can help fix there bugs.

While we are doing the Production Pilot for them we should get a free Two Months of the HD Pack plus all AEP for HD HBO and SHO NBA so we can test the channels, plus access to there Tech Support special Retailer 1-800 number.

Just an ideas if I was in the CEO $$$

P.S. I am a stock holder so more $$$ for Echostar is good.
It is probably still in their interest to sell product into the distribution channels so they can recognize revenue from them this quarter. They can recognize revenue if its in the channel and only a few customers end up getting it.

If they wait until January, they will recognize no revenue in the current quarter.
Nice speculation...it's not true according to what I've been told...but nice nonetheless.

I especially love the comment about the tivos never released with bugs. That may be the impression, but it's not true. Fewer bugs certainly, but not never (how's that for a double negative! :))
If they can get "the bug" fixed and tested, I see no reason to hold on to it. CES will be the "official" release regardless of when they actually start shipping units.
Good point about the Official release.

How about they do a "Quiet Opening" like some retail stores due when they open a new store.

They could announce that it is avliable now, but only announce it in the 3 DBS Boards with a coupon code for a "early tester special" or something.

The big Grand opening would be Jan 8th with the Big Press Release and demo.

I say Coupon code becuase that way the CSRs can look up the offer and know what your talking about. I can just hear it now (what is a 921? is that released yet? and at what price?).
They ARE doing a quiet opening. They have called it a "limited" rollout. We help identify the first round of bugs, and hopefully they squash a few before it hits Sears for retail sale.....

Release it NOW!

I hear that Jim chuckled on the Retailer Chat and held up a picture that he suggested the retailers could tell their customers to wrap a picture of the 921 as a present for under the tree.

Here's a better idea..... How about I take a picture of my check for this month's service and mail it to E* instead until they release the 921.

Damn. I'm on Credit Card Auto Pay. Oh well.
Why wait until the competition forces you to lower your price? Get as many that will pay full price now and drop your prices when the competition's product forces you to do so. Also if you want to claim that you are the industry's leader in HDTV technology, you'll want your product out first so you can always claim, "First to offer HDTV DVR". Guarenteed that the 921 will beat the HD Tivo to the street!
They would release it getting out of it whatever they could at a higher price until the competition comes out with their product at a lower price.
It is so hard to wait.

I think I will wait till Jan 8th CES when the HD Tivo is announced with all the fact so I can make a decision based on facts from both products.

That is if I can wait. I want HD now!
If they wait maybe they could be best of show in 03 and 05!


The problem is you are applying logic and rationality to decision making.

It's time for this item to come out or die.

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