No NBA-HD..I think I know why


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Sep 7, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
My 6000 is typically left on an OTA channel when it gets shut off at night. It's been a very busy few weeks, and there's been times when it hasn't been tuned to a Dish channel for a while. I sub to AEP, LP and HD-Pak but couldn't see the first two games. Intentionally, I left the receiver on channel 101 before turning it off the last few nights. Tonight, I see that the HD-NBA is now showing up in my "Past Purchases" screen. Must be that they are sending out the authorizations for a short period of time, and if your receiver is off and tuned to an OTA channel, it doesn't get the authorization when it is sent out.
Well, I have had my 811 for a little over a week now and I did not get the "Weekly Macro" last Friday. Last night, I did a hard reset and left the receiver in standby (powered off). Today when I got home, I had the HD-NBA for $0.00 in my purchases. So I guess they are going through their system slowly. Also, I also left my reciever on the Dish side and not OTA when I turned it off. Actually, I left it on HDNet.

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