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Mar 21, 2004
I recently had Dish Network installed with a 522 PVR. So far I am very pleased with the 522. My son gave me an old 501 DVR and I am wondering how I could hook it up to another TV. Right now the 522 is set up with TV1 connected to my big screen TV and TV2 is connected to a second TV. Is there any way to spit the input signal to send it to both the 522 and 501? Any help is greatly appreciated.
No. It is not possible to 'split' a satellite feed. You CAN use a 'switch', but if you have a DishPro Quad, that's not even necessary (it's built into the Quad).

I'm going to assume that you've got a DishPro LNB because you say it's a 'recent' install. Then the question becomes whether it's a Twin (2 output) or a Quad (4 output). And that just depends on what the installer did, but a single 522 install would typically have a Twin - unless you got lucky for some reason.

If you've got a Quad, just run another RG-6 cable from it to the 501.

If not, you've got 2 choices:
Call your installer and see what they'd charge you for a swapout.

Or, especially if you think you may add a third satellite feed, you can get a DP34 switch. The '34' means 3 inputs, 4 outputs.
Hasher if you have a 522 you have to be under DHA so DISH owns the equipment the only installer you can swap out with is DISH Network. I am sure they would love to collect an additional $4.99/mo. so they will probably help.

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