522 reciever looses its mind every night


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Dec 6, 2003
I have a new 522, mostly pleasant experience. I've followed all the posts, etc. Waiting on the PIP upgrade for sure. My problem is that the unit seems to loose all signal lock overnight. When I turn it on in the AM I have to go through the entire setup routine, find the sats, go through 2 sets of resyns, etc. Then, and only then will the guide download and finally the reciever will come alive. Any suggestions on how to avoid this every day. Obviously I'm not unpluging the unit. I've tried turning it off with the remote, and with the front pannel switch. Neither one changes the process.
Hate to add a me too, but mine does that exact same thing. And this morning, I can't get my TV2 to come on. I've pulled the plug, and it started the guide download again. TV2 finally came on...

Also experiencing the same thing with my 322.

Another fine product from Dishnetwork.

The software fixes are on the way. Remember , it took up to two years to get all the fixes we have on the 721. Still no Dish Home or internet like promised. So in 2005 you should be having a rock solid receiver with great software.

In the mean time Patience is a virtue. :rolleyes:
When you buy a Dish Network DVR, you sign up to be a beta tester for a minimum one year commitment, maximum lifetime commitment. This is the price you have to pay when you buy an E* receiver at launch...it's simply a fact. It took E* 2 years to get the 501, 508, 510 family to function as advertised. The 721 still isn't working like it should yet. You can bet that you will hear about a ton of bugs once people get their hands on a 921 soon!
So much for my 'gut feeling' I posted a few weeks ago that the 522's would be the smoothest DVR rollout for Dish yet. Well, I guess if they fix all of the bugs in a mere 9 or 12 months then it will still hold true. :(

You're 100% right Jason. As one of the 2-year "customer pays full price for the privilege and pain" testers of the Dishplayer 7200 (the 'original' Dish Network DVR) I too know the pain.

I work in a software development and test environment and am amazed that these boxes can make it out into the field as buggy as they are.

Yea, I know 'stuff' happens, but why does it have to happen every time? :shock:
522 are spooling new today. should fix some of the problems. another download is already scheduled for a month from now.
Fat Tony said:
522 are spooling new today. should fix some of the problems. another download is already scheduled for a month from now.

Do you happen to know whats new in this release other than the fix for quad dishpro lnbfs?

This is probably one reason why they are only going to be allowed for new DHP customers only along with the shortages of 322's and 522's that they have. They usually make new product exclusive to DHP first unless it is an expensive receivers not included in DHP such as the 921.
522 No longer loosing it's mind

Just wanted to report back in and say that all of the issues that I reported earlier have appearantly been fixed in the last few updates. I've had no issues with having to reboot now for about 3 weeks.

Still waiting on the PiP, but by and large I'm very happy with what this box does for me. After I got used to the idea of doing all of my recording on tuner 2 and watching tuner 1 I no longer have any problems with being cut off while watching a program.

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