Finally got the 811!


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Nov 24, 2003
I went the local dealer route. I ordered around the beginning of December so inspite of some of the stories on here, I think I got it pretty quick. I was debating for a day or so to either call dish or the local dealer. Dealer is the way to go. I got the same deal, 811 +301 and got a really good company. I think the overall communication is better with a local dealer because they will also be doing the install. They didn't schedule the installation until they had some in stock. I wasn't given a block of time, I actually got the exact time! After having directv for some time, then timewarner, now dish... the pq is really pretty good. Yea if you look really hard on some of the channels it looks a little blocky but mostly it pretty clear. I think the guide is faster than digital cable and tuning is a lot better than my hd cable box. I have a signal combiner so I was able to put the 301 in the basement and broadcast to channel 4 on my other tv's that do not need hd and use my OTA for the locals. After actually playing with the 811 now for about a day, I do find it pretty buggy. The guide video only displays about half the time. Seems like if I stay in the guide on one channel for a couple mins the video appears and it's fine. The installer did a great job getting me hooked up with everything I needed to make a wholehouse RF remote. I just wanted to report a positive experience and to point out that the local dealer is probally the way to go if you can. I also want to say thanks to this forum for all the issues that you guys bring up and keep us all informed. It's really great to have a place to go for support and questions.
I have been thinking about when to post my comments on the 811 and install. Now that something along the lines of my experience has been it goes. I had the dreaded call to reschedule. I e-mailed Dish and then called the distributer in Tampa. Dish called and told me they would have me put ahead of everyone else ( yea, whatever lady ). Tampa called back within an hour " I found plenty in Atlanta", we can be there Friday the 19th. The installer was on time and pretty knowledgeable, however this was his first 811, more on that later. He went up on the roof and changed out the lnb for the extra receiver, then back down and hooked up the 811. Then the problems started. He had no idea how to work my TV. He sat in front of it where I could not see what he was doing. He said the picture was fine with s-video but could not get the dtv port to work for HD. He then went back and switched the cables and put them back in the component ports and had me sign his work order, called Dish and closed his work order and left. I didn't realize he had switched the cables because the HD channels had not been turned on yet. I fixed that problem after he left.
The 811 was fine, no darkness issue, the aspect ratio software update had obviously downloaded, MX 500 picked up right where left off, no dropping channels , scanned channels fine ( even the ones that I needed to turn antenna for ), has not needed resetting at all and has not locked up. The only issues I have is I cannot get the guide to stretch, it stays in 4:3. The other issue is one that everyone has stated, the guide only goes for an hour or so. Overall no major problems yet.

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