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Sep 8, 2003
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Did charlie say the over the air module was included in the deal? I must have missed something.

You are correct. I had to play back the chat to verify his words. He clearly stated that the 6000 would come with both modules for $199.00.

I wonder if an additional one year agreement will be required if you upgrade from this offer to take advantage of any new promotions on a 811 or 921.
Actually in the July Technical Chat someone said the 811 would be $299. Last night Charlie said the 811 (receiver alone) would be $399. That $399 price is the same price that was on last Friday's press release.
While I am disapointed to see the 811 be $399 I am also impressed that the SuperDish will be FREE so to me its a wash. :)

Charlie also mentioned that special on the 811 would be available in the future, so there is a chance we could see the 811 at $299 for awhile in the future. :)
I talked to a Dish CSR this morning, he did some checking on the $199 deal and didn't see where it mentioned the 8VSB, he saw 8PSK but no 8VSB. He said it might be include but he couldn't see for sure it might say that. I've sent an e-mail to Dish to see if they can verify one way or the other. Maybe Scott can check through his sources.

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