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Sep 7, 2003
I just got a hd tv last week so this is perfect timing. I'm running a 501, and a 508 now using 2 sw21s. Does anyone know if dishnetwork will upgrade my switch(es)? I live in CT so I doubt I'll need SUPERdish. If they install an SW34, does that switcher require a power invertor like the SW64?
no power inverter required if you have a dishpro receiver, if not like the 6000 you need a dish pro adapter(basically a power inserter) to make the dp34 work.

You can order the switch from dish, I doubt they will give it to you.....maybe with the superdish upgrade????? No install notes available for the superdish yet so who knows.
Hey Criag, your in the next town over from me. :)

Whos did your install Orbitsat?

Man I thought your had 6000 questions to ask, glad to see it was only 2 :)
I have the 6000 and a 2800 with a Dish 500 and a single dish pointed at 161.5. When I get the Superdish, will I need new switches or cabling?

Scott, Where does this joined Dec 1, 2003 come from. Do you know what day it is or even the month. :D
Jerry you could need all new everything including cable (if your cable is RG-59 - if you have RG 6 you will be fine)

The SuperDish uses Dishpro technology so your 2800 will need an adapter to work with the Dishpro equipment.
Thanks all for the advice.
Scott- Yep Oribitsat installed my equipment. They're a much of good guys down there. Is it the same oribitsat as oribsat.com?

What town is your wife Wendy's at? I've probably been there....I love the chili!!
Does this mean that RG59 will not work? When dish initially did the install they reused the internal wiring in my house, which I am pretty positive is RG59. I have no problems with my 6000 or my 508. I am using an SW64. Does this mean the new switches will not work over the RG59 between the switch and the receiver as the SW64 works fine.

RG-59 does not meet spec. That doesn't mean it won't work, it just means that it is not recommended (in fact, it is recommended AGAINST). Given that, you may find that in your current setup, it works without visible problems. However, should a problem develop in the future, whether it is or is not related to the wiring, resolution of the issue by official service personnel will probably include the replacement of said cable at your expense and may even entail nullification of any warranty on the product due to it being installed in a non-specified manner should the unit need repair. If a Dish installer re-used sub-standard wiring and you DO have a problem, you may have a "case" against them... Document this if you can. The major differences in RG-59/RG-6/RG-11 is shielding and carrying capacity. Over short enough distances there is little difference. RG 6 is "spec", though, and you will want that at a minimum for a good installation.

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