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Sep 8, 2003
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Has any one received their 6000 yet? Did it come with all parts promised? Is it new or remanufactured?
I ordered on the 16th. called on the 18th and was told that it was shipped today. Called on the 24th and was told it was shipped on the 19th. The UPS tracking number said it was shipped on the 22nd.
Installed and with 8VSB Sort of-see story below

Installer showed up Monday, installed OTA antenna, swapped out dishpro twin for legacy quad. Installer would not install second dish or switches to complete install. tuesday, second 6000u arrives UPS. called for RA number to return and have them resend 8SVB module. Wednesday 8VSB arrives I install no problem, most local dt channels coming in ok, though some of the strong power house channels seem to disapear for long periods. Went to BESTBUY tonight (If 1 more person in that store begs me to buy the damn service contract I will beat them to a pulp with my cane) to finally place order for 65" SAMSUNG (ON SALE, GREAT PIC, FREE SHIPPING, FREE LEATHER RECLINER/OTTOMAN) Stay tuned as both Dish and Best buy are due Friday to complete the install. <WILL THAT GIANT TV FIT THROUGH DOOR?>
I will say I am amazed how good the HD channels, local and sat look even on the Standard TV, not to mention the dolbt digital 5.1 :)
Oh and no HBO, SHO,or CBSHD till second dish

One last thingin multi dish setup at sat 129 is listed, anyone know what its for?
Ok. I need to hear more about this OTA antenna? Did Dish supply and install it, or did you order this separately?
OTA antenna purchased in advance turk-42 $49.95 clips onto dish 500, it uses the existing wiring and a diplexer to split signal at your 6000...Any more questions feel free

got 6000

okay had my 6000 with 8psk installed on wed i have the two dish setup outside so they did not touch a thing outside . my sd is great yet when i switch to htdv and blue light is on hdnt looks the same as sd, i kept going back and forth when hogans heros was on and i couldnt see the diff. even the hbo and showtime hdtv looked the same to me. they really had a hard tome setting up my tv sony 34hs10 they had to put htdv on vido 5 and i go back and foth to sd and hdtv. im having them back to make sure everything is right. they are sending me the 8vsb. harvey
Well, HDTV programming still looks Very Very good even when its coming out the S-Video SD connection.

You will get better resolution and more brilliant colors using the HD outputs.
Ordered the 6000u on Friday 9/19 and it was installed on Monday 9/22. It did not include the 8VSB module. The installed receiver was a refurbished unit. The label on the box stated as such. Called E* on Wednesday 9/24 and ordered the free 8VSB module. UPS tracking says it will be here by Friday 9/26. I did have to pay $8.95 for shipping.

Do you want your SUPERDISH installed or do it yourself?

DVR-921 dimensions

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