Do you want your SUPERDISH installed or do it yourself?


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Sep 7, 2003
I am curious, if you need a superdish would you prefer to install it yourself or have it installed.
I think I'll have mine professionally installed this time because I really enjoy watching other people work and I know its really fun to have someone look over your shoulder and ask questions when you are working.
I will not be installing a Super Duper Dish if I am required to use a professional installer.
I put my first dish (300) in. Pros did the 500, and just about couldn't get the skew right. It still have rain fade too easy.

I will let them do the SuperDish. At least let them have the first crack at it.
I've always done my own switch & dish installs.

I'll have the superdish installed because I'm hoping they will do the switch upgrades.
I have 2 legacy and 1 DP recivers and hope that they will add the needed switches to the install.
The only way I will let them install it is if I do not have to wait forever and a day to get it done and if they provide me with all the dishes and switches needed for the receivers without charging extra somewhere along the line.
I'll play with it. This is the only way to learn. We'll need some reporters also. I've done them all, 500,
61.5. 148, Sat C, D*'s oval, Nimiq 1 & 2.
I'm looking for info to start learning. I've spent
precious hours, but the knowledge was worth it.
If allowed (at little or no cost to me from Dish) I will install it myself. As a do-it yourselfer there is a certain satisfaction which goes along with a self install. :)

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