508 @P 1.99


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Sep 7, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
Now includes power off mode and Super Dish support in screen pointing. Was hoping to see timer conflict resolution and Mr. Blinky options, but no such luck.
Mr. Blinky is the clock on the bottom left of your screen that reminds you 5 mins before the start of a program that your DVR will be recording something. The 721 has an option to disable this, and I held hope we'd get the same thing on the 508. Didn't happen on this release :(
I happen to like mr blinky, it's useful on a single tuner receiver. maybe it could be a little less obvious like blink for 10 seconds on each minute, 5 mins before it's set to record.
I like Mr. Blinky, too, but one thing people don't like is the fact that if it activates when you're transferring something to VCR, the indicator appears on the tape. In such cases, an option to diable it would be a good thing. It's possible to press the "cancel" button to disable it, of course, but that means baby-sitting the PVR during the process.
The 4900 also has the timer blinky. The dishplayers (7100, 7200) had something more annoying, a scrolling message at the bottom telling you the timer information instead of the blinky.

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