Is this everything I would need for a 721?


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Sep 24, 2003
Does this sound like everything I would need to replace one of my 301's with a 721?

Right now I have two Dishes (one that receives the extra locals) and two 301's. I think what I need is:

Twin DishPro LNBF - $79.99
Single DishPro LNBF - $54.99
DishPro Switch 34 - $124.99
721 and Remote - $529.99
Total price seems to be - $789.96

Just wanted to make sure that this was right....
If you want to save a few bucks, and can live without the extra locals from the side sat on one of the tuners of the 721, you can just pick up a legacy quad lnb.

I'm assuming your current setup with the 301's is a twin lnb on the 500, and a dual on the 300, with 2 SW 21 switches. If that is the case, you can swap the lnb on the 500 for the quad. Hook two of the lines from the quad to the 21 switches, and have each one go to the 301 and 721. Run the third line from the quad directly to the 721.

I'm sure others here may have even better ideas.
I was under the (unconfirmed) impression that both inputs of the 721 had to be connected to the same switch configuration.

Using tward_biteme1's configuration, get a 721 system instead of a stand-alone receiver. That will include the Dish500 and Twin for $50 more, just make sure it's a DP Twin for your proposed setup. Also, some dealers offer a package price on a 3-sat DishPro upgrade. Even better, since some of your locals come from a side slot, Dish is required to make them available on all your receivers at no extra cost to you.

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